Our club house is located in Tropical Park next to Field #5 (north of Pavilion #1)(7900 S.W. 40th St).

President: Jim Koch– jkoch@westchesteroptimist.com

Treasurer: Jose Casas – jcasas@westchesteroptimist.com

Secretary: Jim Lamb – jlamb@westchesteroptimist.com

External Vice President: Luis Mallea – LuisRMallea@yahoo.com

Internal Vice President: Lourdes Carroll – lcarroll@westchesteroptimist.com

Past President: Rick Fernandez – rfernandez@westchesteroptimist.com

Board Members:

Tom Risavy – trisavy@westchesteroptimist.com

Kelly Barket – kbarket@westchesteroptimist.com

Jennifer Mallea– TropicalParkSoccer@yahoo.com

Ana Medina-Fernandez – Medina-FernandezA@dadeschools.net

Peter Galera – Pgalera23@aol.com

Art Acuña – aa@westchesteroptimist.com

Sports Programs
Baseball – Jim Koch: baseball@westchesteroptimist.com
Soccer – Luis Mallea: LuisRMallea@yahoo.com

Contact Form:

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